Improve your tone, endurance and range!

The  Lip-Dumbbell
- Lip musculature training is important for playing the trumpet and other brass musical instruments.

The Lip-Dumbbell gives brass players gained lip muscle building and lip muscle coordination for better control, confident attack, endurance and range.

Tips and tricks for successful training with the Lip-Dumbbell

    lip musculature training
  1. Close your lips securely around the lip bit of the Lip-Dumbbell, tilt your head forward down and try to hold, only with your lip muscle, the Lip-Dumbbell in position.

  2. While holding the Lip-Dumbbell between your lips please ensure that you do not move the corners of your mouth outwards but instead move your lips slightly forward (puckered position). Hold this position for as long as you can!
    You may now remove the dumbbell and count slowly to 10. Please now repeat this exercise 4 times. Thereafter you rest for 90 seconds.
    The first set has now been completed.

  3. lip dumbbellStart over again until 4 sets (as described above) have been completed but please remember to pause for 90 seconds between sets.

  4. Many will find this training adequate and sufficient.
    If you follow the training correctly then you can hardly go wrong. But you know that you have done something wrong or you have overdone when you begin to feel muscle ache. In that case, only repeat the training every 2 days so as to allow your lip muscle to regenerate itself.
    When you overwork it this will only result in the opposite of your initial aim!

  5. trumpet trainingContinue to practise as described until you are able to hold the last used weight for one minute entirely. Only then should you add on another weight onto the dumbbell. Keep on training until you are able to hold the Lip-Dumbbell with all the weights on for at least one minute.

  6. Once this stage has be achieved you may be confident that your lip muscles have been trained and exercised properly. In case of muscle ache then reduce your training,  do so also in the case of experiencing difficulties when playing.

  7. Read the instructions carefully and always keep them in mind during training by sticking to them. This is the key to your successful use of the Lip-Dumbbell.

Please keep your lips lightly closed for the duration of the training. Most important is that the chin muscle is not allowed to move forwards or upwards, it must stay in its normal position (downwards)  while the lips are being trained. lip dumbbell trainingThe chin muscle must remain rigid otherwise the lip muscle will not be trained which is very important for your performance while playing your instrument.
You may practise self control by using a mirror during training to ensure that you are carrying out the exercises correctly as can be seen in the alongside pictures. Once you have successfully completed your training with the Lip-Dumbbell you may continue on to train with the lip expander to attain optimal results. Further information may be had from Brass Innovation Germany.

lip dumbbellYou will notice after a relatively short period of time the positive effects that the Lip-Dumbbell has on your performance.

Product Information

The Lip-Dumbbell is constructed from high grade steel, as used e.g. in food-manufacturing industry. It is highly hygienic and lies comfortably griporientated between the lips.
Nevertheless, high grade steel is an alloy and contains nickel.
In case of nickel allergy we can't exclude allergic reactions.

All components of the Lip-Dumbbell have been designed for optimal training and they are also carry a craftsman finish.

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