Improve your tone, endurance and range!

The  Lip-Expander - Emboucher muscle training

Gives Brass Players gained lip muscle building and coordination for optimal control, confidence, endurance and range.

Lippenexpander 2 mit Kontrollskala

NEW: Jericho-Lip-Expander 2!

With a scale to control your training and a new conic embouchure for a better grip.

Brass players are always fascinated from the abilities of the top class players, from the tone and its quality, their range and endurance.

In spite of many high knowledge publications and studies, top embouchure results are more or less a chance result of  practise.
This is the reason that in former times the baroque brass players had a systematic apprenticeship period over many years which enabled them to be in a position to master the most difficult scores of their time.

Only practising with your instrument doesn’t get you very far

If you want to build up better embouchure muscles you have to change your point of view. The more intensive you work with your instrument, the stronger you program your already existing capabilities which unfortunately results in incorrect movement of the lip and face muscles which is then compensated by the breathing technique and tongue movement.

lip expander for  brass playersAs well as the other embouchure factors the lip and face muscles play an important role.
The stronger they are developed and the better the coordination is between them the higher the quality will be of the result in respect of confidence, exactness and endurance, what is very noticeable when hitting high notes.embouchure muscle training

This is why the Lip-Expander was developed over a long period of research and experiment.
With only a few minutes training a day you will be in a position to conserve your already existing lip muscles and build up more.

Please Notice:
We use high grade steel, as used e.g. in food-manufacturing industry.
Nevertheless, high grade steel is an alloy and contains nickel.
In case of nickel allergy we can't exclude allergic reactions.
Please contact us for the alternative - and more expensive - use of silver.

For the initial lipmuscle building we recommend the training be done with the specially therefore designed Lip-Dumbbells.

From and with Malte Burba: designed, tested and recommended for time saving lipmuscle training

malte burbaThe Lip-Expander was developed in cooperation with Malte Burba.
He is a trumpet tutor (Peter Cornelius Conservatory in Mainz, Germany) and creator of a world famous scientifically based training system for brass players. This system combines both the necessary physical musts and also the physiological possibilities.

Teach Your Body to Blow“ is the title of this publication, which is published in four different languages.
Publishing house is BIM,
Case Postal,
CH 1630 Bulle (Switzerland).

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